Just a small selection of our many underskirt styles available to try on in store

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About Our Bridal Underskirts

Our ever-popular collection from Bianco Evento

Our underskirt collection is incredibly popular with our brides. We believe this is down to 3 main things:


1. The incredibly comfortable Lycra waistbands that will allow for pre-wedding weight loss no problem at all.

2. The amazing range of hoop sizes from the most subtle A-line shape (ask to see our 190cm hoops) to the most fabulous ball gown hoop sizes (ask to see our 320cm and 370cm hoop sizes).

3. And, last but by no means least, it's the quality. They're all made from high-quality materials and therefore are able to add depth to dresses that perhaps don't have as many layers of fabric in the skirt as you would have liked.

We're so proud of our underskirt range and have become keen experts over the years of just which hoop size and/or shape will go best with a particular dress, so do get in touch if you have any queries of that nature.

We will always be honest with you as well. If we feel your dress does not actually require an underskirt, we'll tell you that too.

We've also written a very in-depth blog piece on all the ins and outs of wedding underskirts. You can read that here: Bridal Underskirts: Everything you need to know!

Thank you for previewing our collection, and don't hesitate to book an appointment to come and try some on for yourself. You can even bring your dress! 

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Frequently asked questions about our bridal underskirts.


1. Do I need a bridal underskirt for my dress?

This depends upon your dress. If your dress flares out at any point, you WILL need a bridal underskirt.

2. Why do some have two hoops and some only have one? 

There are two reasons why your underskirt would have more than one hoop. The first is if your wedding dress flares out in more than one place. The second is the size and weight of your dress. Larger and heavier dresses need underskirts with more hoops for extra support.

3. Why do they come in different hoop sizes? 

Each style of dress will need a different size of hoop. Fishtail wedding dresses require a much smaller hoop than that of a huge Ball gown styled dress.

4. How do I know which hoop size is right for my dress?

The style of your wedding dress will determine the shape of your underskirt, while the size of a Bride's hoop is a completely personal preference. Would you prefer a smaller, more subtle shape to your dress? Or, would you want a larger statement shape?

5. Should I order my regular dress size for my underskirt?

Yes. Our underskirts are available in sizes 8-24. They have a Lycra waistband which will allow for fluctuations either side of your regular size. Please refer to our handy Underskirt size chart at the bottom of the page.

6.How do I insert the hoop(s) into my underskirt?

Our Bridal Consultant has included full, step-by-step instructions on how to insert the hoops into the underskirt in her blog here: Bridal Underskirts: Everything You Need To Know!

There is also a handy How-To video!

7. Do all your underskirts have hoops?

Our short, 1950's styled, ruffled underskirt does not have, nor require a hoop. This is due to the length of the underskirt and the number of layers used to create the ruffles. If your dress does not require a hooped underskirt then you do not require an underskirt at all.

8. What's the difference between the A-line and Mermaid underskirts?

An A-Line underskirt will allow your dress to fall at the natural waistline. They will then have one or two hoops at the very bottom of the dress, removing the material from your legs, allowing you to walk more easily. A Mermaid underskirt will have a hoop situated at the bottom of the skirt, thus giving the flare out for the desired Mermaid style.

9. Do you offer underskirts for hire?

No, unfortunately, we do not offer our underskirts for hire purposes. However, the underskirts from our collection are available to buy from only £33.

10. If I book an appointment to try out your underskirts, can I bring my dress?

Yes! Please do. We encourage our Brides to bring their wedding dresses to their pre-booked appointment. This allows you to get the full visionary of your complete wedding look. It also helps us to provide the right guidance and advice in choosing your veil and other accessories. Plus, we just love to see your stunning dresses!